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Deary Diary,

I was just laying on the floor and watching my favorite cartoons when Daddy sat on the couch behind me and turned on some really naughty movie. I didn’t know what to do so i just kinda stayed there and stared at the tv and those people doing those really dirty things. Then I felt Daddy’s foot touch me right in my private spot! He kept rubbing it up and down and it started to  make me feel all tingly down there.

I asked “Daddy,  why do they do that”?

“Because they love each other Lexi” he said.

“Don’t you love me Daddy”? I asked.

“Of course I do babygirl”

“Then why don’t we do those things Daddy”?

Daddy’s foot rubbed me more and I turned around and saw Daddy stroking his hard cock!!

“Come here Lexi” Daddy said.

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Dear Diary

Mr. Williams passed back to the class our pop tests with our grades on them today. And I normally wouldn’t pay attention to the grade except this one was a Bright red F with a note underneath that said meet me after class.
I tried to sneak out when the bell rang but just as the last kid left and my hand was on the door to close it he stopped me in my tracks with a very authorative “Lexi”.. “Yes Mr. Williams”? Turning around i could see the stern look in his eyes over his glasses as he looked over them at me.
I held my books in front of me and hung my head a little. As i looked down and back up I caught him looking me up and down, Suddenly I knew the “A” was all mine..
I’ll spare you the details for now but lets me just say.. Tomorrow when he opens his desk drawer to get a pencil, he’ll have to look under the panties I slipped in there.

Deary Diary

My dad is such a loser! He has a good job, but I have no idea how he keeps it. He’s constantly in trouble, and he skips work to play golf all the time. The other day, his boss came by to pick up a report that was due but dad was too “sick” to come in. Dad was out fishing this time, but I was home, playing hooky from school myself. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess.
Well, boss man was pissed! He told me I could tell my dad to not bother coming in to work, he’d box dad’s stuff and mail it home. He hardly seemed to notice I had answered the door wearing only a bath towel, at least until I “accidentally” dropped it when I started to “cry” that daddy was getting fired.
Well, Mr. Boss Man comforted me, and told me he wouldn’t fire daddy this time, so I showed him my appreciation. He was so “appreciative” that now I have a part time job filing, taking dicktation, preparing oral reports, and generally doing whatever he asks. The pay is good, and the best part is I can tell daddy that if he pisses me off, I’ll have the boss fire his sorry ass!

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Teenage Hooker

Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to buy sex from a hooker. Maybe one who is way too young and who is possibly doing it for the first time ever?

Imagine you walking or driving down the street in a seedy part of town. You see a young girl, dressed all slutty, looking around, seeing you, and nervously walking up to you.

Mommy sells daughter
It’s the middle of the month, and the landlord is pounding on my Mommy’s door. The rent is 6 weeks past due, bitch, he says, pay up or get out. Daddy left months ago. Mommy works hard but she can’t keep up.
The landlord don’t care. He’s mean to Mommy. If you ain’t got cash, maybe you have something else you can give me, he says. But he’s not looking at Mommy anymore. He’s looking at me.


Uncle pays niece
One day I was sad because I wanted a new bike and I didn’t have enough money. Dad said I didn’t need a bike. Uncle Tim was spending the weekend, and he felt a little bad for me.
That night, Uncle Tim asked how badly I wanted a bike. He said if I played a game with him, he’d give me enough money. He called the game “snake charmer”.